What is Pincode

A pincode wise database, or Postal Index Number code, is a numerical code in the postal code system used by postal services to simplify the sorting of mail. In many countries, including India, this system is commonly referred to as a “PIN code” or simply “PIN.”

In India, the pin code database is a six-digit code introduced by the India Post (the Indian postal department). The pin code database helps in the efficient sorting and delivery of postal services. The PIN code is structured as follows:

  1. The first digit represents the zone of the destination state.
  2. The second digit, when combined with the first one, represents the sub-region or the circle.
  3. The third digit, when combined with the first two, represents the specific district within the circle.
  4. The last three digits represent the specific post office within the district.

For example, a pincode database of 110001 can be broken down as follows:

  • The first digit “1” represents the Northern region.
  • The first two digits “11” represent the Delhi circle.
  • The first three digits “110” represent the New Delhi district.
  • The last three digits “001” represent the Connaught Place post office.

Having a correct pincode wise database on mail helps ensure that the postal system can efficiently route and deliver mail to its intended destination.

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