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Email Marketing Packages :

1,00,000 Email

Email Marketing


  • One Month Validity
  • Email Support
  • Online Platform
  • Email Database

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2,00,000 Email

Email Marketing


  • One Month Validity
  • Email Support
  • Online Platform
  • Email Database

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5,00,000 Email

Email Marketing


  • Two Month Validity
  • Email Support
  • Online Platform
  • Email Database

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More Email's

Email Marketing


  • Two Month Validity
  • Email Support
  • Online Platform
  • Email Database

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  • Very Easy UI (Email Panel).
  • Text and HTML Mailing Facility.
  • Inbuilt Templates Available for HTML Mails.
  • Easy Tracking.
  • Delivered, Bounce, Unsubscribed Reports Available.
  • 24 hours support.
  • Complete summary (responses) every day with email ID and other details.
  • 80% inbox delivery based on the content of the emails.
  • Track opened/clicked/bounced emails.
  • Send HTML newsletters/Product brochures/text emails.
  • Schedule Strategic Emailing/Newsletter Management.
  • Send creative newsletters with built-in templates.
  • Validity: 1 to 6 month. For Renew customer it can be 1 year
  • And many more.


Details :

  • Easy web interface to write and send messages.
  • Manage Group with Import and Export.
  • Send Messages with schedule facility.
  • Trace your messages to see how many users opened your email.
  • Statistics with facility of viewed by messages and Url
  • Html email messages.
  • WYSIWYG Html editor facility to create your messages.
  • Attachments uploaded facility with maximum 100kb attachment.
  • Mailer uploaded on server with max.256kb
  • Validity: 1 to 3 month.

What is Email Marketing or Send Bulk Emails Services :-

Free email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. can allow you to send maximum 500 email in 24 hours. If you want to send more email in a day like 5000 or 10000, you need to use email marketing services for Mass mailing.

How does Bulk Email Marketing or Mass Mailing Works :-
There are Two ways of Doing Email marketing or Mass mailing.

  • Send email per count base
  • Send emails by Smtp hosting server

How to do an email marketing campaign :-

  • Online email marketing web base application
  • Software for Bulk email sending

For doing both types of email campaigns you need your own smtp hosting server setup.

How to use email marketing to grow your business :-

  • Choose Best Email Address with Lowest bounce ratio
  • Correct Subject for High open ration
  • Appropriate Content and Photos for easy understanding
  • Bounce back email setup for email clearing
  • Links like Reply and contact information for communication
  • Cron Job setup

How Mass Mailing works :-

We are in electronic business mail sending software, by using bulk email software system your mails will go automatically one by one to the recipient, since this is a personalized mailing system it gives better response. You can use our bulk email sending control panel web base application to send your work or products details, newsletters, greetings, special announcements, and many to your secure email database client or our database list.

How emails are sent from bulk email sending software program :-
With our email sending software system program your mails will go individually to the recipient with email list created by you. It will not go using CC or BCC method, so user will feel that its specially sent to him/her it is 100% personalized and hence it gives better open rate ratio and hence you will get successful email campaigns.

Easy way to send mass emails :-
If u are first time user and looking for creating a bulk email marketing and campaign, we have a very user friendly software. You can start sending mails just in 3 simple steps.

    • Upload Email list
    • Create email Matter or Template
    • Select email List and Template and Click on Send to Start

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Email Marketing Campaign in India :
Email marketing campaign is the powerful tool in this tech world. With Kenils newsletter services and bulk email campaign, you get the cutting edge web assistance. By employing specific methods and techniques, Kenils ensure guaranteed return on investment for online businesses. With Kenils email marketing campaigns in India you enjoy amazing options like customer acquisition, retention programs and direct marketing. A wholesome progress of the site is assured with the open clicks and the advanced conversational rates. You can contact us for Email marketing campaign for India.

The Best Email Marketing Tools in India :
Kenils email marketing campaign features the best email marketing tools which allow you to monitor the advanced statistical ratios and there are many other indicators provided to notice the level of your customers’ satisfaction.

Email Marketing Company in India with Expert and Expertise :
Are you looking forward to create brand awareness and promote your business on the World Wide Web through email marketing company in India? If yes, then Kenils email marketing company can be a solution. Your business surely requires the creative head that can plan the most effective strategy to double the existing sales rate. Kenils email company in India is backed by the team of email marketing experts who knows how to push your brand, attract the audience through emails and generate sales leads. You can contact us as email marketing company in India.

Targeted Email Marketing Services in India :
Target email marketing service is the best method to improve your business online and enhance the loyalty of the customers in India. There are many companies using email marketing to create brand awareness and promote goods and services in India. Kenils have adopted the most recent email marketing service technique. It can accumulate email leads and allow you to classify and assemble the targeted customers. We provide the best email marketing service to foster the targeted email list and also create mails having rich content to acquaint your customers about the nature of products and services. You can contact us for email marketing service in India.

Email Marketing Companies in India :
Kenils is the established leaders in the industry of email marketing companies in India. It is extremely important to launch a successful email marketing campaign when the usage of email is expanding. As one of the best and top email marketing companies in India, Kenils help you deliver email advertisement to the masses safely without causing any spam. High performance email campaigns are launched by us to judge where exactly the emails have to be sent. You can contact us for email marketing companies in India

Email Marketing Solutions in India :
Email marketing solutions has become the top vehicles for online advertisement. With the right kind of email marketing solution for India, you will be able to retain the existing customers and build up a new database of customers. Email marketing solutions in India allows you to use the attractive and professional email marketing communications so that you stay connected with the clients. With Kenils email marketing solutions, we can help you to boost up the customer communication. We allow you to send hundreds and even thousands of emails on a regular basis. The great accuracy level is ensured with us. You can contact us for email marketing solutions in India.

Why Email Marketing Solution?
You can shop for the email marketing solution with us after considering the price. Kenils offer some of the very high end solutions and that too at astonishingly lower rates. You can attain the highest level of accuracy with us to avoid the spam filters. More number of customers will be seeing and reading your emails.

Email Marketing Service Provider in India :
Email marketing service provider provide you, the finest method where you can target too many customers at the same time. By creating the big list of customers, you can generate money. Email marketing provider allows you to send out information on the products and services at one go. Kenils bulk email marketing service provider team are equipped with the automated tools and software to allow you to keep the business in auto-pilot. You can contact us as email marketing service provider in India

What we can do for you as email marketing service provider ?
In order to make you an online success, we make sure that your emails are not sent to the spam folder of the customer. Kenils help create emails with authentic content and craft them in professional language. The sent emails will distinctly and directly speak about your business. It will speak about the products and services that need to be promoted. With us, there is no need to sit and send emails.

The System of Mass Email Marketing Software :
In this era, mass email marketing software has become very powerful. It has become the popular technique whereby you can include the customers belonging to different lists into one single list. You can help save time and money by this software. With Kenils mass mailing software, you can send too many emails to the customers without any limit in India. Kenils improve the readers’ count and avoid sending the same message again and again. You can contact us for mass mailing software in India.

Email Database Verification for India :
There are million of India email database and email ids list available in market for almost free rates, but mostly it is 96% bonus ratio and that’s effect your bulk email inbox delivery. Any company must clean there own email id list or email database purchase from online internet database providers before starting and new email marketing campaigns. Kenils email verifier online tools provide guaranteed high inbox delivery rate after email address verification service, which also save your domain server for black listing.

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