Email Sending Software

Do you want to buy or purchase a genuine email software for your bulk mass mailing services, which is very user friendly and easy to operate by your own and no need for hard or long complected option to select before sending bulk email marketing campaigns.

Than we have a email sending software which is far more better than the free bulk email software download found in internet search.

Features of email sending software :-

Mailing Account :- you can create more than one email account and sote in it, you can send email by preference of: to, cc, bcc, direct delivery, personal copy, in this email account you can choose sender address and reply address.

Group :- there is facility of add email groups, edit group name, clear gropu, delete group, you can add as many as groups you want, and it can be any amount of emails in it. within the group, you can add single email or even delete it. you can delete all the email address list and upload new email address list to it. email sending software has the facility to remove the duplicate email form the address list. you can find any email address from email sending software and replace it with other. email software also has the function to short out email by domain. if you want to upload more email form a file to the same group than email software can do with removing option of compare email.

HTML :- email software has the function of html email messages editor. you can insert text files, picture files, background, tables, mail merge, html export option, with many more detail as client want to you for themselves.

Email messages :- you can create your own email message body with subject. after send email marketing campaigns, email software automatically set each subject according to its temples. so no need of typing every time in email sender software. you can add or delete attachment to this email sending software.

SMTP :- you can use multi smtp accounts in this email software, it has facility to add, modify, and remove the smtp details in software. you can register smtp with server name, smtp authentication of account type, username and password. you can setup port and email size for sending email in software application. as of multi additional of smtp service in email software, it will divide mailing list in equal parts and hence the delivery of email will be in inbox instead of spam.

HELP :- while you are using email sending software, if you are having any problem of its use, than there and option from where you can get the detail of similar work that has t be for resolve the email software problem.

Database Information :

Salaried / Employee / Job Seeker – Price

BusinessMan / Self Employed – Price

Share Market – Price

Car – Price

Telecalling / General / Pincode – Price

2023 List

Import Export – Price

New Domain – Price

Best Email Verification Service, Email List Cleaning – Price

Bulk Email Marketing – Price

Bulk Sms Services – Price

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