Doctor Database

Are you searching for accurate updated current Indian doctor email address list or doctor mobile number database for all India ? Kenils is supplier of doctor business directory in excel xls format.

What is Doctor Database :-
All are familiar with Doctors, people visit them for health problems and personal issue. There are many person who visit doctors for Business purpose. At this time doctor database comes to existence and it’s necessary and useful for them to use doctor database which is benefit in many ways.

What details are in Indian Doctor List :-
Doctor database is supply in excel file, which format is different with each other. doctor list is depending upon the category field in file like name, email address, contact number or mobile, address, specialization list, etc. information given and field given at time of data entry. As this doctor directory comes for all india, major and metro cities doctor list are covered in it.

Doctor directory useful and benefit for :-
There are different purposes for contacting doctors like medicine manufacturing companies and their medical sales representative reach them for promoting and advertising their medicines. Even now a days doctors need marketing and branding for their work and hospitals. Doctor’s can be contacted for attending event related to medical lectures.

When was Doctor data updated :-
Doctor data are collected form many years, we update our database as we get new. Some data are old and others and currently updated form our sources. Both data new and old are equally useful. you have to check only the same or duplicated data buy files.

How to use Doctor database :-
Doctor database are provided with two major detail of email addresses and contact number. you can do bulk email marketing to doctor email database and send bulk sms to doctor mobile number list. you can send them your detail of work, products and services offer from you.

Why choose us for buy Doctor data :-
There are many Database vendors, agents and supplier company in india. You need to be careful before buy of fake or fraud data. there are many companies who sell generated list which are 99% incorrect. Who can loose money with additional you can make lose for email sending servers and bulk sms services. We do not mix data, we are seller of accurate and actuele file without duplicate.

Count, Cost and Price of Doctor database :-
As count increases one in a while, rates of database is depending upon accuracy and connectivity of file. Our price is reasonable low and less compare to other database companies in india.

Our Vision :-
As a Company, it is a very important data collection and it has detail of doctor, who are in medical field. as an database supplier and vendor we recommend, not use this doctor data for spam purpose, only use if you are have and benefit and useful reason for attending doctors, as unnecessary communication will be disturbing for doctor’s.

Different Categories of Medical Doctors Database :
Addiction physicians‎ Doctors, Allergologists‎ Doctors, Anatomists‎ Doctors, Andrologists‎ Doctors, Anesthesiologists‎ Doctors, Cardiologists‎ Doctors, Coroners‎ Doctors, Dermatologists‎ Doctors, Diabetologists‎ Doctors, Emergency physicians‎ Doctors, Endocrinologists‎ Doctors, Euthanasia doctors Doctors, Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians‎ Doctors, Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow‎ Doctors, Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh‎ Doctors, Fictional medical specialists‎ Doctors, Gastroenterologists‎ Doctors, General practitioners‎ Doctors, Geriatricians‎ Doctors, Gynaecologists‎ Doctors, Hematologists‎ Doctors, High-altitude medicine physicians‎ Doctors, Hygienists‎ Doctors, Immunologists‎ Doctors, Infectious disease physicians‎ Doctors, Intensivists‎ Doctors, Internists‎ Doctors, Leprologists‎ Doctors, Military doctors‎ Doctors, Nephrologists‎ Doctors, Neurologists‎ Doctors, Neurosurgeons‎ Doctors, Nuclear medicine physicians‎ Doctors, Obstetricians‎ Doctors, Oncologists‎ Doctors, Ophthalmologists‎ Doctors, Osteopathic physicians‎ Doctors, Otolaryngologists‎ Doctors, Pain management physicians‎ Doctors, Palliative care physicians‎ Doctors, Parasitologists‎ Doctors, Pathologists‎ Doctors, Pediatricians‎ Doctors, People in public health‎ Doctors, Pharmacologists‎ Doctors, Podiatrists‎ Doctors, Prison physicians‎ Doctors, Psychiatrists‎ Doctors, Pulmonologists‎ Doctors, Radiologists‎ Doctors, Rehabilitation physicians‎ Doctors, Rheumatologists‎ Doctors, Sexologists‎ Doctors, Sports physicians‎ Doctors, Surgeons‎ Doctors, Toxicologists‎ Doctors, Traditional medicine practitioners‎ Doctors, Tropical physicians‎ Doctors, Urologists‎ Doctors, Virologists‎ Doctors, etc.

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