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What is Demat account Holder Database :-
This Database is related to indian share or stock market. Mostly there are two type of database related to demat account holders 1) Equity 2) Commodity.

Equity Database :- When client open Demat account, whey have two options where they can do trading one of them is Equity market.
Commodity Database :-  When client open Demat account for working in share market one of the major things where he can get more profit in brooking is Commodity market.

Difference between Equity traders and Commodity traders :-
Equity trades are related to buying and selling of stocks in share market for companies who are listed in nse or bse with intraday, and do trading after making profit
Commodity stock exchange is related to nse or bse but here client do not buy stoke or shares of company, they buy products for trading on intraday base and do trading after price high.

Commodity traders data do more investment than equity client, as commodity market is more huge buy than equity traders.

When was Indian Equity and Commodity database updated :-
Every day thousand of new demat account are open in all india. we do not buy equity and commodity data is bulk in early time. we buy trading database. we have many data with you some are old and other are current updated.

Cost Price of Equity and Commodity Traders :-
Rates are depending on old and new database and it’s quality. New database of traders are sold for 1, 2 even in 3 rupees per database. Old traders database are in cheap in price as they are important.

If you want to send bulk sms or emails you can buy one year old data for equity or commodity in Low Price for starting your work and generating more clients.

How is Equity and Commodity traders database useful :-
You can do Telecalling, Sms sending, Email Marketing to demat database. This Clients are also use as investor for doing investment, as they want to make money form new business.

Intraday Traders Database and Investors :-
1) Equity traders for buy keep and wait for good margin :- Equity traders are also use as investor as they do investment in stock market for long.
2) Equity traders who do buy or sell but do not keep, this are called intraday stock work. :- This equity demat account holder make sure they do stock market work in same day for buy sale leads that they have got.

Source of Demat Account Holder Database :-
We are supplier and provider company of share marker trading database for all india state, city and company wise. We have various direct source companies who do survey and campaigns and collect new data. There are many other sub brokers who open new client demat account. There are many company who collect data by giving Free and Good Tips.

What choose us :-
We are database collector and vendor of equity and commodity database for share market and intraday traders. This share market trading client database are active and genuine. We provide high accuracy and accurate data to our customer, so they can repeat us for future database buying continuously.

Equity traders which can be know as share market equity data. Intraday clients who are current working and active buyers. This intraday clients database can be from any demat company. There are various equity share market service companies. This equity traders services provider can be form banking or individual sector. there are many stoke broker, and they appoint sub stoke brokers under them as per cities.

Our service is a data provider for unique equity share marker database. we prefer giving our customers newly update database. we do not supply old  and used database to each other clients. we collect data as per customer payment. Other than equity traders data we have a good collection of commodity data.

Usually all people are aware of share market in india, Share and stock market are form early days. people want to deal in buying and selling share market stock of companies which can make them wealth in short time of span.

Every year many companies are listed for share stock market in India. This gave the beginning for demat business in all India. people cannot buy direct shares form direct stoke market they need middle companies, who can provide demat account services as becoming member as demat holders, where they buy keep transfer or sell the stock.

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