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Want to increase your B2B business ? Our India based B2B Database will help you to identify potential B2B corporate in your segment. Explore Real B2B Database.

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5 Important Elements to Consider While Buying Indian B2B Company Database of Mobile numbers and Email Database.


Business marketers use b2b companies database of mobile numbers and email database to get great benefits in the search for new clients. It is a known fact that new clients are important for growth of the company. At Kenils Online, anyone can get an organized b2b company database list filled with multitude of potential clients within specific area or industry they serve.


New companies cannot afford to waste time on searching new clients. They require secure clients as early as possible in order to establish themselves. One of the best ways to do it is via email marketing. But for that one needs to have the mail ids of the important people with companies you want to do business. Without a proper database it is nearly impossible to find and get in touch with the right people. You might spend hours on researching the information you need, but then you could end up sending mails to wrong people. But with a b2b database from Kenils Online would help you to identify with the right information from the important companies.

How are databases helpful?

The data can be used for more than your email campaigns. Kenils Online have all the information to conduct your business via phone campaigns. When you have the right database, your campaigns become very easy to carry out. The database suppliers offer their customers with a compact list that would help them to run business smoothly.

The extensive coverage by Kenils Online offers exceptional accuracy and wide variety of data that gives clients the power to target market. Purchasing a b2b database helps to point out the relevant business or target audiences. But, it is important to ensure that you’re getting accurate data.

The important factors to consider while purchasing b2b database:

  • Agreement with Law:

This is the first and most important factor to be considered is that database should be in accordance with the current legislation and law. The “Data Protection Act” follows the personnel information used by government and companies.

  • Comprehensive Database:

The database you buy must be all-inclusive and should contain the information you have demanded based on your selected criteria. Inquire from your b2b data supplier about the email database content and its price. Pay only for what you’ve asked!

  • Neat Database:

The data supplied to you must be convenient to use. At a rate of almost 30%, contact data is devalued. So, regularly cleaning data is important to achieve maximum reduction of email bounce rates and deliverability. For better focus on business opportunities, it is important to have a clean database.

  • Authentic Contacts:

Check the reviews for the database supplier – whether negative or positive. It can be done by inquiring about the company from the web or people. A reputed company like Kenils Online regularly offers reliable and updated data to customers.

  • Sender Verification:

It is best to have a verification form sender in order to improve the deliverability for mails. It is best to ensure that the server from which you send mails matches your domain. It is important as most mail blasts are distributed via the mail server of a third party mail platform, not the email server of your company.


When you purchase a b2b database from Kenils Online, you get to generate good leads to improve the performance of your business. With proper b2b data, your company gets to stand out of the huge crowd.

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